Safety Management

The same commitment to excellence found in our IH Software is also evident in our SAFETY & WORK MANAGEMENT DATABASE.


  • Work Management System For Easy 8-Step Approach For Hazard Identification & Control
  • Checklist Assessment Tracking For Performing Walk-Downs To Identify & Track Observations & Deficiencies
  • OSHA Recordkeeping For Injury & Illness Reporting
  • Action Tracking & Email Notification
  • Scanning & Electronic Document Retrieval

  • Easy-To-Use Menus & Navigation
  • Attach Any Document
  • Ad Hoc & Ready-To-Use Reporting
  • Wireless Interface For Data Entry & Reporting
  • Metrics & Statistics
  • Export Records To Excel®
  • Interfaces & Import Tools for Corporate & External Systems (HR, Lab, Training, Medical, etc)
  • Action Tracking & Email Notification
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