Welcome To Open Range

Open Range provides a suite of Industrial Hygiene & Safety Management Software products that work together to bring you the most comprehensive health & safety package available.

  • IH Sampling
  • IH Qualitative Risk Assessment
  • IH Equipment Tracking
  • Job Safety & Hazard Analysis
  • Checklist Assessment Tracking
  • Beryllium Program Support
  • Scanning & Electronic Document Retrieval
  • Medical Surveillance Interface
  • and much more...

Why Choose Us

It's simple. If you want the very best IH software available, choose Open Range. Whether you're a seasoned pro or beginner, Open Range's straightforward, intuitive interface adapts to your needs.

In real life, incidents occur without warning. That's why you need a safety software package that's as flexible as life is unpredictable. Open Range's Safety and Work Management Database is the best available software for the job.