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Job Hazard Analysis

Generate hazard identification and control plans through a simple and flexible interface for any industry, site, activity or compliance regulation.

  • Capable of creating JHA for any industry

  • Flexibility to modify & input site-specific activities, hazards, & controls

  • Able to provide a unique identification number for JHA’s & link to activity level work documents

  • Direct tie to chemical inventory and SDS

  • Select which controls apply to identified hazards

  • Built-in electronic Review and Approval Process

  • Assign specific user levels within the software

  • Access library of approved JHA to review and copy

  • Job steps easily re-sequenced

  • Redline revision process

  • Reports and metrics provide summaries and exports of data

  • Create model JHAs to be copied and re-used

  • Allows for documented pre-job reviews in the field

  • Capture feedback for improved work efficiency

  • Capture "Green" ideas to become more environmental friendly

Hazard Identification and Control Plans made simple
and customized to your job!

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